Beasts in my Belfry, and Hot Summer Nights

Dear fellow foodies and friends,

Since my last post on the blog, life has been full of conundrums, pandemonium and confusion. This is by no means an excuse for all my procrastination. I am a self confessed lazy potato as you can see in this photograph.

The Potato Life Chose MeHowever, so much has happened over the last few months I feel it would be remiss of me not to share it with you all.

Two weeks into January, my roommate and I decided that the bug infestation in our room had gotten out of control. After much pleading with the authorities, we were assigned a new room on the ground floor. Now, anyone who has ever lived in the middle of a god-forsaken jungle knows that the ground floor is a haven for all sorts of wild creatures. Being fairly optimistic and slightly naive, we lugged our belongings down two flights of stairs and settled down (attempted to) in our new room.

Our first interaction with the creatures lurking around the ground floor took place late at night. I had trudged to the bathroom half asleep and realized much to my horror that a frog was squatting comfortably on the sink. I have a terrible fear of amphibians and reptiles (a classmate once tried to sneak a lizard into my lunchbox) and screamed the whole hostel down. This was not an isolated incident. During our two month stay in that ill-fated room, my roommate and I discovered a total of 5 frogs, 6 lizards (I’m sure there were several more) and of course a great smattering of every variety of insect known to the region of Telangana (you can find it here)

There was more to come. One night as I lay in bed peacefully ignorant of the impending doom, I was awakened by a deafening shriek. A fat cat had somehow slinked its way into our room. To top it all off, it seemed that another frog had seized this opportune moment to make an appearance. While a friend brandished a broomstick threateningly in an attempt to shoo the frog away, the rest of us searched frantically for the cat. We had all seen and heard the little minx, yet it was nowhere to be found. After a considerable amount of excitement and much confusion, we accepted defeat and went back to bed.

Some time after these events, my roommate and I decided that we could no longer share our lives with the assorted little beasts on the ground floor. We packed up our things and moved back upstairs. After all the excitement of the past two months, this room with all its tiny creepy-crawlies feels like heaven.  Now that we are back on the third floor, I have only my laziness to overcome. And summer temperatures above 95 degrees. Should be easy right? Sigh.

So here we are again. Right where we started. No more excuses. No more frogs. It’s time to get cooking.


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