Moving Mountains & Shifting Hostels

Dear Foodies & Friends,

After a blissful, annoyingly short stay at home, I’m back on campus and in a new room. The past few days have been so crazy and intense. We had to move out of our hostel to make way for the new batch of first year students and I had a LOT of luggage and knick-knacks.

The journey down two flights of stairs and up again, laden with suitcases fit to burst any second amidst the many cats, toads and centipedes was already horrible. To make matters worse, there were extra kitchen supplies, dirty laundry and random objects (why do I own so many?) that I lugged up in a giant jute rucksack. Β I must have looked like a skinny, harassed Grinch. Not all for naught though, there was light at the end of the tunnel- a bigger room!


Light up the room!

That’s right folks. I’m now the proud resident of a room that’s about a foot longer than my old one. Every inch of space is precious to me, especially with my little food dreams, so this makes me quite happy. I’ve already started getting things in order and decorating my side of the space with lights, posters and other funky things. This arrangement is going to be in place for year, after which we get our own single rooms. πŸ˜€My wall!

I AM SO EXCITED! I’ve really taken some time out to figure out where I see myself in the next few years and what I want to do with my life. Everything seems to point towards a career in food. It’s my biggest passion and I love being able to use my love for art and creativity and combine it with cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying my law courses, but after a lot of introspection I’m not sure if I see it as a fulfilling path to follow. Being here right here, right now though, I’m going to give it my best, and really concentrate on my work. During my downtime, I’ll cook my heart out. I’ve already got plans for a little kitchen corner! We’ve got a long weekend coming up soon, so there’s gonna be lots of cooking. Β The challenge now is to come up with innovative, delicious recipes that are hostel friendly and set some goals so that I can balance the two contrasting spheres of my life. This is an exciting time for me, and I’m so happy that I have you all to share it with. Stay tuned for more food and craziness!

With love & lots of butter,

Little Chef


13 thoughts on “Moving Mountains & Shifting Hostels

  1. Julie Laing | Twice As Tasty

    Thanks for the blog visit–I’m so glad you found me, because I’m enjoying your adventures here! I’ve spent a lot of time in hostels over the years and even now that I own my own home I’m still cooking and living in small spaces: If I’m not in my 500-square-foot log cabin with its 5 combined feet of counter space, I’m making meals aboard a 25-foot sailboat. It can be such the challenge to make your own good food in such spaces; it’s great to see such wonderful inspiration for hostel dwellers!


  2. agnuswalters

    I love your room! And I totally relate to the whole shifting rooms thing! Takes place every damn year. Tiring but it’s a change of scene nevertheless. Also, you have a wonderful blog! What’s not to love about food anyway 😁


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